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You will need a user ID and password to access your SMSF/Investment Portfolio online. This information is given to you when you first become a 50Plus client. If you are having trouble logging into your portfolio, please call us on (03) 5444 1201 or alternatively you can email us.

Understanding enduring powers of attorney and medical treatment decision makers

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Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Fact Sheets (updated quarterly)

This following exchange traded fund "fact sheets" have been downloaded from the respective ETF providers web site. They are provided for information and educational purposes only, with the aim of helping you better understand ETF's in general, and should not be considered as a recommendation to invest in a specific ETF.

We will aim to keep the list below updated with the latest fact sheets as they become available however, there may be times where this is not possible. In this regard, please check with each ETF provider to make sure you are viewing the latest copy. 

There are hundreds of ETF's available within Australia and thousands worldwide. The list below represents some of the ETF's commonly used by 50Plus and is subject to change.

To view an ETF fact sheet, simply click its name from the list below.

Van Eck Vectors Exchange Traded Funds

Betashares Exchange Traded Funds

iShares (BlackRock) Exchange Traded Funds

Vanguard Australia Exchange Traded Funds