Since our inception, our focus has always been on client communications...

50Plus is a small boutique financial planning business which specialises in providing retirement advice and SMSF administration. 


We administer our clients SMSF's - and provide a comprehensive online portfolio service, where clients can view portfolio information online (updated daily), including investment performance and fund transactions.


We help trustees meet their compliance obligations, as well as provide advice on investments, including Australian and global exchange traded funds (ETF's), preference shares/hybrids and direct held individual shares.

We believe transparency and flexibility, combined with progressive investment strategies, is the key to us delivering the best outcomes for our clients.


We generally recommend our clients invest directly - as opposed to investing through "managed fund products".


David Gemmell Dip FP, Dip SM, SSA

I specialise in providing advice to people who are approaching retirement, or have retired. My clients tell me they like the way I explain complex concepts using simple and easy to understand language - as well as the ongoing and proactive approach we take to managing their money.

This approach provides the following benefits;


  • our clients know where their funds are invested.

  • our clients can access investments which many retail funds do not offer. Examples include direct property which our clients may wish to invest in (50Plus cannot recommend or give advice on direct property investments), ordinary shares, preference shares/hybrids and various exchange traded funds.

  • we can minimise our clients ongoing investment fees by removing the "middle man".

  • we can transact quickly (normally in a matter of minutes) when we want to place a trade (either buying or selling) for our client.

  • clients can invest in assets which rise in value when share markets fall.

  • clients can choose how much they want to be involved in the management of their funds.


Keeping our clients up to date is a fundamental part of our service. We meet with clients regularly throughout the year and conduct our popular Client Briefings every six months. As well as this, we use email extensively within our business to keep our clients updated on relevant issues.

50Plus has experienced significant growth since it started in 2006. This growth has been driven in the main by client referrals.

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